Dr Murad launched the brand in 1989 with the simple manifesto that “Skincare is healthcare” his vision was to bring healthcare professionals together to work as a team using scientifically proven formulas and technology in order to help people achieve the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible.

His research continued into how the skin can retain water as best possible, as the most common issue with skin and health is the inability to retain water in the most fundamental level. This combined with the day-to-day stresses of life is what causes chronic dehydration of all skin types and ages.

The Bespoke Facial

These bespoke facials are completely flexible from appointment to appointment, so each one is completely personalised every time in order to address any of your concerns. Incorporating the stand-alone 60 minutes – the Murad Method Facial or the extended version with the appropriate additional Technoceutical.

What are technoceuticals? They are a clinically tested and dermatology developed skincare range that combines high-performance professional peels with intensive treatment concentrates. There are three optional add on treatments to the Murad method facial, which the therapist will determine for you at your appointment.

The results of these facials will amaze you, when completing all of our case studies everyone has left their treatment feeling refreshed, looking glowing, and also addressing all their skincare issues they had.

The Products

It’s important that when you have a facial, and you are pleased with the results, that you continue to treat your skin in the same way, using the same methods once you go home. This will allow the positive effects to continue working with our skin to maximise the long term results you desire.

That’s why after every treatment we are dedicated to recommending the perfect products suited for your skin type and concerns.

Blemish Control

Developed to help rapidly reduce breakouts, large and clogged pores, and any excess oil. Clear your skin instantly and achieve healthier skin.

Vitamin C

Designed to protect and repair your skin from being exposed to environmental harms. Helps improve skin dullness, dryness, roughness and hyperpigmentation


Addressing concerns of age-related collagen loss.  This range will rejuvenate and rebalance skin that is chronically dry and has lost firmness.

Age Reform

A collection of hydrating skincare to optimise skin health and minimise signs of ageing. Helping to build resilience of skin in order to tone and hydrate.

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