Caci facials are non-invasive aesthetic treatments that deliver dramatic results without the need for surgical interventions, also known as the non-surgical face lift. Caci has been around for over 20 years and in high demand so we can achieve that youthful natural look we all crave. 

There are always a lot of questions about CACI facials so here are some of the answers:

What is CACI?

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument  

It’s a micro current machine that uses specific waveforms and ultra-low frequencies to transmit tiny electrical signals to tone muscle and improve skin tissue. Basically, giving your face a gym workout, to tighten everything up, making your face more chiselled and defined. It’s pain free and actually quite relaxing. What more could you want!


Are there different types of CACI facials? 

Yes, we have a range of treatments available to address various areas of concerns, ensuring they can be specifically targeted. If you wanted to look at the vast range of treatments that we have available click the link below.

Is a CACI treatment pain free? 

Yes, the treatment is painless and extremely safe. As the microcurrent works with your body it stimulates your muscles to work. There is a small tingling sensation that is often describes as a warm sensation but you will never feel pain and in fact its actually quite relaxing.


How many CACI facials do I need to have? 

Generally, we recommend for the best results you should purchase a course of 10 treatments which you take over 4 weeks. The course length could vary depending on the condition of the face, so this is always discussed during your consultation.

So, what better time than now to book your appointment to start your journey to youthful skin! 

Have a consultation with one of our wonderful therapists to run through all of your concerns and we can ensure you are having the perfect treatment for you.