Caudalie is a French brand who develop beauty products with natural formulas to help you achieve glowing skin. They are best known for their vineyard roots, launched by husband and wife duo in 1995. The products harness the exceptional antioxidant and vitamin-packed powers of grape and grapevines extract.

As a salon we are a strong believer that we should love all the products and treatments that we have available. After using the products ourselves and experiencing the treatments, it was non-negotiable that we must start to offer them as a brand in all the salons…as soon as possible!

Caudalie Facials 

As skincare is such a personal topic a lot of the time we like to ‘try before we buy’, so what better way to experience the products than a facial!

Caudalie Vinotherapists are extensively trained to deliver the ultimate in luxurious, indulgent treatment experiences, which are globally recognised as a must have treatment experience.

Time to put your skin in the hands of our professionally trained therapists to provide you with the perfect facial for your skin. Whether you’re looking for an anti-ageing, moisturising or radiance boosting treatment, our therapists will tailor the facial to your specific need. We have seven different facials available to ensure that there is a treatment for all skin types.

Unsure what facial is right for you? As all facials are the same length of time, on the day we are able to discuss concerns and evaluate your skin to find the best facial for you.

Caudalie Products

It is essential that after every wonderful facial you are able to continue see the benefits once you return home. For this reason, we have six fantastic collections filled with products to suit every skin type and all skin concerns so you can achieve glowing skin.

You can have access to these in every salon, as well as on our website so you can have them delivered to your front door.

Here is just a little overview of each of the collections…but don’t forget we are always here to advise you on the perfect skincare routine so you can have glowing flawless skin.

Our Thoughts 

We always think is important to give you some of our own opinions and what we are most excited about!

Sarah-Jane (Owner) “With anything in our salons I always ensure that I have tried and tested the products and treatments to ensure they are the best quality and deliver the best results. After trying the premier Cru collection I knew this would be perfect for the majority of our clients. It tightens, lifts and brightens the skin to reduce the effects of aging. I am most looking forward to seeing you enjoy the benefits of this range as I have.”

Abbie “The facials really helped with my skin texture, tone and firmness. My skin was glowing for the rest of the week, it’s going to be an amazing addition to our treatment menu”

Daisy “My favourite part of the Caudlie facial was the Reeverterol lift massage, super relaxing but also a deep massage really sculpting and lifting the muscles. The deep massage also releases all the tension you carry in the jaw. My favourite product would definitely be the Vinoperfect brightening serum, giving an instant glow and the skin is both brighter but super hydrated at the same time. Great for age spots and pigmentation.”

Jasmine “My favourite part of the Caudalie treatment/ favourite product is the toner with the grape water, as it leaves your skin feeling really hydrated and refreshed.”

Alice (Marketing Manager) “I was delighted as soon as I found out we were bringing Caudalie into the salons. I have seen Vinoperfect serum all over my social media for the past year with nothing but rave reviews. Having managed to get hands on a sample I have fallen in love! It has left my skin glowing and my evened out my complexion. I am most excited to try the Vinoperfect Radiant facial”

We hope you enjoy Caudalie as much as we do! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about products or treatments, or to just give us your feedback.