Epil Sonic Hair Removal at Cedar Therapy Luxury Beauty Salons
Epil Sonic Hair Removal at Cedar Therapy Luxury Beauty Salons
Epil Sonic Hair Removal at Cedar Therapy Luxury Beauty Salons

Epil Sonic hair removal

* available at Cedar Deddington Salon *

Eradicating unwanted hair with soundwaves

Epil-Sonic is a progressive permanent hair removal system based on safe sound energy to remove your unwanted facial and body hair. As sound waves and static energy are used to destroy hair at its root, it is more effective, safer and less painful than electrolysis or laser treatment.

Epil-Sonic requires a course of treatments, which progressively weakens the hair until the re-growth ceases almost completely.

The Epil Sonic treatment utilises two techniques (direct and indirect probes) in one treatment.

The direct method uses a needle probe that aims to target and destroy the stem cells in the bulge of the hair to prevent further hair growth, which the company claims is particularly useful on coarse and terminal hair, as well as distorted hair follicles. The indirect probe aims to remove all visible hair.

Founder of Clinogen Laboratoties, Sujata Jolly, said an advertisement of a wine glass shattering was the inspiration for Epil Sonic, “If sound waves could shatter glass, then why couldn’t they shatter hair roots?

We used this technology to create Epil Sonic, which, via the ‘direct method’, sends sound energy down a probe into the centre of the hair follicle. The sound energy travels until they find something to hit. The first thing they will find is the bulge of the hair, and the soundwave will literally explode, shattering the root and stopping hair regeneration.”

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After care

Epil-Sonic lotion is an essential part of the after care. It should be used twice daily for four days after the treatment. In case of dry skin, the Epil-Sonic lotion should be used for 2 days prior to treatment. Avoid products that may dry the skin such as glycolics, tea tree, witch hazel or surgical spirit.

Epil-Sonic is the superior alternative to conventional electolysis and has the following advantages:

  • Truly non-invasive
  • Pain Free
  • No burning, no pigmentation
  • No pitting, no scarring
  • No trauma to the skin
  • Safe on diabetics
  • No hit or miss
  • Any colour hair can be treated

15 minutes – £15
30 minutes – £30
Course of 10 Treatments – 10% off

You will be delighted to hear that there is absolutely NO risk of Epil-Sonic causing burning, scabbing, scarring, pigmentation or pitting. Epil-pro requires a course of treatments, over which the hair becomes progressively weaker until the re-growth ceases almost completely.