Although this beauty tool might seem like something new and exciting as you are being bombarded with beautiful Instagram photos, this product has been used for facial massage for thousands of years in Eastern Medicine rituals. 

Its main benefit includes lymphatic drainage, with the added extra of contouring your face- who doesn’t want a contoured face without even having to pick up a makeup brush.

What are they?

The great thing about these products is that they are what they say they are…stone rolling devices made of jade, which have traditionally been used in skincare for years. In China, jade is a semi-precious stone that is said to have energy-healing properties that cools the skin and encourages healing.

What are the benefits? 

The thing about products or tools that have been used for many years, is you know that they work! By applying cold sensation and pressure to an area will help to sculpt and define your features, this is done by encouraging drainage and toning slacking muscles.

Jade is also known to have properties to even skin tone by cooling and calming irritated skin. Whilst it also will de-puff your skin, so it is a perfect addition to your morning routine to combat puffy skin.

How to use?

The best thing about jade rollers is they can be used whenever you want, for however long you want. If you want to use it over your serum or under your moisturiser it is completely up to you and what you prefer.

Having used this product religiously since Christmas, I love to use it in the morning to help wake up my skin with the cool sensation, but there is nothing better than feeling like I have had a mini at home facial just before bed, after I have applied my serum so it lightly glides over the skin. So we will leave you to decide when you prefer to use it.

Simply lightly roll over the skin in an upwards motion, always aiming for the temples and front of ears, as this is where your body’s lymphatic drainage points are located. If you are going in a back and forth motion, just ensure that you increase pressure on your upwards motion.

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