One of the biggest beauty irritations must be constantly getting rid of unwanted hair. Whether you endure the pain of waxing, or the long and irritating process of shaving (whilst still not managing to get every single hair). The long and short of it is, life would be a lot easier if you never had to think of it again!

Well, thanks to modern technology there is a way of removing your hair pain free forever. A course of Laser Hair Removal is a completely pain free treatment to remove any hair on any body part you want.

So here are the answers to the most common asked questions about the treatment plus some tips and tricks so you feel confident when booking your course.

How does Laser hair Removal work?

It is the use of a soft burst of light to penetrates the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light which then prevents further growth of the hair. After repeating this process a number of time (this varies by skin and hair type) the hair growth in the targeted area will cease, leaving you with a smooth soft surface, completely hair free.

At Cedar Therapy we have the Alma Soprano Titanium machine, the no.1 brand for laser hair removal. So, you can be assured you will be receiving the best quality service on the market.

What do I do before my laser hair removal appointment?

Before your first appointment we will invite you to the salon for a free consultation appointment and patch test. At this stage we will discuss the area that you want to target, whilst looking at the hair type to decide the correct machine settings. We will test a very small area to ensure that you have no reactions before the first full session.

Before laser sessions here are a few things to remember.

  • Do not wax or tweeze before or after you have started your course.
  • Shave the target area before your session.
  • Stay out of the sun 2 weeks before and after your laser session, or your skin can become pigmented.
  • Bring along some loose fitted clothing for after your appointment.

Things to know about after your laser appointment.

  • Hair will begin to fall out anywhere between 3-30 days after your session.
  • Immediately after the treatment you can expect a little redness around the area, which can last a few hours.
  • You can exfoliate the area after the treatment; however, hairs should not be forced out before they are ready.
  • Try to stay out of the sun for the following weeks after your treatment, however if this is not possible ensure that the area is protected with strong SPF.

How many laser hair treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will vary between hair type as well as skin type. The usual number is between 6-9 treatments however as we progress through the course we will discuss re-growth and alter the number of sessions needed based on results.

Where on my body can I get laser done?

You can get it done anywhere on your body. The specialist machine we have enables us to get into the smallest spaces with the different heads we have available. From your face to your lower leg, there really isn’t an area we can not target.

Want more information?

If you are curious to find out more information on the laser hair removal process or want to book a consultation, then please book in today. Book online or contact us directly and we are happy to help.

*Only available at Cedar Therapy Banbury