Introducing our exclusive Antidote Facial. A wonderful combination of Vitamin C power boost to brighten and add luminosity to the skin and Decleor’s NEW Antidote serum, a powerful blend of essential oils and the wonder ingredient of the moment, Hyaluronic acid.

To the less beauty savvy, it may sound like something you don’t want to put anywhere near your face. But, what if we told you that it actually holds the key to smooth, flawless and hydrated skin? In fact, our own skin cells actually produce Hyaluronic Acid naturally in a bid to maintain moisture levels. These levels tend to take a dip due to pesky ageing and environmental aggressors, to name just a few things flung at our faces on a daily basis.


Hyaluronic Acid works as a magnet for moisture, helping your cells retain as much of it as possible so that your skin feels and appears hydrated, plump and healthy. Just a single gram of Hyaluronic Acid has the impressive ability to hold up to six litres of water. Add to that, a super smart ability to regulate that moisture within the cells, so as not to drown them and you’ve got one genius ingredient.


This unique facial is perfect for every skin type and will effectively treat all concerns leaving glowing, recharged and picture-perfect skin.

Try now for £65 RRP £80 Saving £15. To book click here 

Offer valid until the 31st of October. Treatment must be booked & taken during October.