As we are faced with the stress and anxiety of COVID-19, the last bit of worry we need is thinking every time we remove our mask you are faced with breakouts and acne.

Changes in our normal routines will naturally cause your skin to react negatively, let alone the necessity to wear a face-covering on a daily basis, especially those who have to wear them for a prolonged period of time.

Maskne is a broad term that includes irritation, rashes, acne, and redness as a result of wearing a face mask. These symptoms are a result of humidity being trapped inside the mask causing our pores to clog up with dirt, sweat, and oil.

In addition to this, the edges of the mask can cause friction against the skin which can result in dark spots, inflammation, and dry skin.

You might be worrying about how to prevent maskne as you are lacking confidence in your skin, but there is no need to worry. The good news is that the Cedar team have put together our top 5 solutions that you can follow to prevent maskne altogether.

Prevent maskne - image of face showing irritation

1. Wash or change your mask regularly

Washing or changing your mask regularly will reduce the amount of bacteria and excess dirt that builds up after wearing your mask throughout the course of the day. Having a range of cloth or material masks will mean you are able to wash your mask after daily use and still have another one ready to wear.

If you are using a disposable mask it is important to use them properly with a maximum of 3 uses per mask to avoid any breakouts or irritation.

2. Minimise the amount of makeup you wear

This might not be everyone’s ideal solution however, it is best to try and minimise makeup within this area as it will clog up your pores leading to breakouts. It will also leave residue and soils the material so it won’t stay clean of bacteria for as long.

3. Cleanse thoroughly throughout the day

By wearing your mask over a clean face it will avoid trapping any excess dirt and oil that you might have sitting on your skin. So if you can try to cleanse your face as regularly as possible in order to remove all of this excess dirt and oil your mask will trap onto your skin.

4. Keep your skin hydrated

By moisturising regularly you will build up a protective barrier between your skin and the mask. We would recommend using a lightweight moisturiser or a mist so that it is able to soak into the skin before you put on your mask.

5. Hands off!

Not only does your mask trap the bacteria so your skin is unable to breathe but by touching your face you will be adding more bacteria and oil from unsatisfied surfaces which will lead to more breakouts and clogged up pores.