Peels and Resurfacing at Cedar Therapy Salons
Peels and Resurfacing at Cedar Therapy Salons
Peels and Resurfacing at Cedar Therapy Salons


When it comes to caring for your skin, different creams and moisturizers can go a long way in keeping your skin supple and delaying the effects of aging. But after years and years of being bombarded with UV radiation from the sun, being exposed to harsh weather and pathogens in the air, even those of us who take almost fanatical care of our skin will experience blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin damage.

It’s very different from dermabrasion, where a high-speed, rotating tool exfoliate the skin This is available as a CACI facial. With dermaplaning, we use a scalpel, moving it back and forth to scrape off the top layer of dead skin. The benefits are immediately visible. The exfoliation and hair removal will leave your skin brighter and smoother. The treatment may soften fine lines and wrinkles and ease hyperpigmentation, or uneven skin tone. We also use it to treat deep acne scars. Also, your makeup will glide onto the skin.

Our Treatments


Dermaplaning Facial – 30 minutes £30

Dermaplaning can be added as an extra to any Guinot facial. It is not suitable to be combined with CACI or Murad

Add onto another facial – 20mins £20

By removing the dead skin cells that make complexions look dull and contribute to clogged pores and spots. Dermaplaning clears the way so skin peels, facials, skin products and serums can get down into the skin where they need to be rather than sitting on the skin’s surface. It removes peach fuzz / vellus hair and creates clear channels into the skin as well as a soft, smooth surface for makeup to glide on flawlessly.