Fingers & Toes at Cedar Therapy Luxury Beauty Salons
Fingers & Toes at Cedar Therapy Luxury Beauty Salons
Fingers & Toes at Cedar Therapy Luxury Beauty Salons

Luxurious treatments

Whether you are looking for a quick file and paint or an unparalleled pamper treatment, we have the perfect manicure or pedicure for you.

All our treatments incorporate Bampton House spa products which are 100% natural and entirely free from chemicals. Using a unique blend of essential oils for scents, which have known benefits for well-being and will enhance your treatments.

We understand the constant exposure hand and feet have, so these products deeply nourish and hydrate your skin, with the added bonus of smelling sensational.

All finished off with cuticle oil and a choice of OPI polish or gel with whatever treatment you choose.

Our treatments


60 / 75 mins – £50 / £55

Soothe, relax and indulge with the ultimate Pamper treatment, the perfect combination of effective pampering and relaxation. Using the 100% natural Bampton House spa products.

The treatments include extended massage and a range of products with essential oils. Heavenly sugar scrub exfoliation, then moisture & protection with the amazing balms. Finishing off with a heated application of collagen-infused sheet masks.

Including an extended massage to soothe and relieve tension. Pampering your nails to perfection with intensive cuticle and nail care, before finishing off your treatment with OPI polish application.


45 / 60 mins – £40 / £45

Our signature treatment using Bampton House products leaves your skin feeling deeply nourishing and soothed. Cuticles will be tidied, and nails will be filed ready for perfect polish application for your nails.


30 mins – £25 / £30

These Cedar Express treatments feature essential OPI ProSpa products for those looking for a quick refresh. Nails are cut and shaped before polish is applied.


Gel polish is the perfect answer for the on the go busy woman. Using breakthrough technology to provide long-lasting wear and shine with easy removal for healthier looking nails.

Application adds: 15 mins – £5

Removal & reapply: 15 min – £5

Removal & nail care: 30 min – £15


The hottest trend in the industry currently. Gel tips are a way to have perfect nails in an hour without the damage of traditional nail extensions, finished with your favorite OPI gel varnish.

Extension removal is done in the same way as regular gel polish, with minimal damage to your natural nails.

Full set of extensions: 60 mins – £60

Removal & re-apply or manicure: 15 mins– £15

Removal & nail care: 30 mins– £20

Single nail extension: 5 mins– £6



BIAB stands for ‘builder in a bottle’, which is also known as builder gel it is specifically designed to add strength and structure to your natural nails. We layer BIAB on top of your natural nails to give them strength and prevent breakage.

A BIAB manicure can last up to three weeks. We recommend full removal every third visit.

BIAB can either be infilled or soaked off.

BIAB Overlays: 60 mins– £45

BIAB Infills: 60 mins- £45

BIAB Removal : 15 mins– £10