Here at Cedar Therapy, we make sure that the skincare brands used in all our treatments, and stock in all the salons cater to everyone’s skincare needs. So whether you have dry, oily, combination, or aging skin you can be sure we can help find you the best treatments and products for your skin

We offer the most advanced and current products that will ensure you get the best results possible. We are a salon that swears by the products we use, all of our wonderful therapists fall in love with the products we use and incorporate them into their own skincare routines. Here’s a little breakdown of each of the brands we have in our salons so you learn a little more about why we love the skincare brands we use.

We always want to make sure you’re using the perfect products so if you need any advice you can contact us via email:


Dr. Murad began to research ways in which the body could be encouraged to hold water more efficiently, he discovered the key was holding water within cells where it does the most good. 

 Your treatment will be completely tailored to your skin, which the therapists will select after you complete a short questionnaire about your skin and the results you are seeking to achieve. Following your treatment, we will always recommend the products that you can purchase to continue benefiting from the results of your treatment. 

With a vast product selection, each of the ranges will target your specific skin concerns so you can achieve glowing skin. The ranges include: 

  • Resurgence- Lifting & firming
  • Age Reform & Hydration- For dgeing & Dry skin
  • Vitamin-C- For dull skin
  • Blemish Control- For spots and blemishes
  • Technosuticals- Skin pefecting


The Decléor treatments offers a unique, sensorial experience that visibly enhances the skin’s natural health and radiance, Decléor understands that beauty and well-being are intrinsically linked.

Decléor essential oils come from the very best bits of the plant. They use the maximum concentration for skincare to ensure only the best results.

Professionally blended by a team of expert  Aromatherapists, Aromachologists and Dermatologists to give your skincare the professional edge.

All of the essential oils are selected and sustainability sourced from the finest regions in the world and locally steam distilled to preserve maximum freshness.


  • Neroli Bigarade- For Dehydrated/ Dry Skin
  • Green Mandarin- Boosts natural glow
  • Lavender Fine- For mature skin
  • Rose Damascena- For sensitive skin
  • White Magnolia- For advanced signs of ageing
  • Ylang Ylang- For oily/ Combination skin


With over 40 years of experience in beauty care, Guinot are experts in beauty therapies and treatments. Guinot have shared their beauty care secrets with an exclusive selection of salons, including Cedar Therapy.

Guinot are an eco-friendly company who actively participate in the protection of the environment through the sourcing, production and distribution of their products.

All of the beautiful products available will continue to improve the results of your treatment after you go home, you can explore their vast range of products via our beauty shop. 

If you like the sound of any of these products then you can shop their products on our online beauty shop, or you can experience the pure relaxation and ultimate bliss of a facial by booking your next appointment via our online booking system. Click the buttons below to take you to the relevant page to satisfy your skincare needs.